The Just In Queso Foundation is dedicated to supporting our community during the COVID-19 crisis by providing donations to the community, food to Frontline Emergency workers such as those in hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire stations as well as providing employee assistance to those facing hardships due to this crisis. Please join our efforts in supporting our communities by donating now.

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Restaurant Partners Helping Heroes (RPHH)

Mission: To support front line medical and emergency workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic by donating meals. Local restaurants are partnering together to raise funds and awareness while providing meals to our local heroes. *Front Line Emergency Workers Defined As: Medical Personnel, Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facility staff, Police Officers, Paramedics and Fire Fighters. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @rphheroes and on Facebook @RestaurantPartnersHelpingHeroes for the latest updates!

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Doing Good fuels our fire

Giving back is a huge part of who we are. Always has been. Always will be. So much so we created our own foundation to do more good in the communities we serve. Through our restaurants and the Just in Queso Foundation, we support organizations dedicated to helping people in times of need, especially children and military service members. Want to support our efforts of helping people when they need a hand? Make a secure donation through the link below. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @justinqueso and on Facebook @justinquesofoundation for the latest updates!

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As part of our mission to help those in need, we host events to raise funds for the Just in Queso Foundation. Click below to view the upcoming events and learn how you can get involved—as a sponsor, a volunteer or just to have a good time supporting a good cause.

  • More Events Coming Soon

Community Partner Grants

Tijuana Flats was started in 1995 when Chester Wheeler gave his son Brian a $20,000 loan to help open the first store. That loan proved to be a real game changer for Brian, and since then Tijuana Flats has opened over 130 stores! We want to help several organizations this year with game changing grants that really help move the needle for their organization. We want to know from you, how will a $20,000 donation bring your organization to the next level. What new program can you add or what will you be able to do with the $20,000 that you are unable to accomplish now? Let us know and we may just select your organization as the recipient of one of our $20,000 game changing grants.

Community partner grants fund the programs and services of nonprofit organizations in the communities Tijuana Flats serves that we currently have a relationship with. Ideally, they’re paired with volunteer support from Tijuana Flats team members for the programs funded by the grant.

Employee Assistance Fund

When a Tijuana Flats employee is facing hardship or has had a personal emergency the Foundation may be able to provide a small donation to help in the situation from the Employee Assistance Fund.

These donations, not to exceed $1,000, will not be paid to individuals, but will cover costs of critical needs directly (i.e. – medical bills, temporary housing costs, etc.).

Due to the often urgent nature of these requests, this committee will do their best to evaluate all cases as soon as possible

Just In Queso

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I acknowledge that if a grant or donation is received, I am obligated to use the funds only for the purposes for which the grant was made. I am willing to provide periodic requested written reports concerning the use of grant funds as well as a final written report on the accounting of how grant or donation funds were used. I acknowledge the authority of the Just in Queso Foundation, Inc. to recover grant funds in case such funds are, or appear to be mis-used.