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Burritos: Chicken, Beef, Steak & Smokin’ Chipotle + FAQs (Answered)

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Are burritos your favorite Tex-Mex meal? Whether you choose a regular burrito that you can hold in your hands to eat or go the fork and knife route by making it wet and smothering it in zesty sauces or cheesy queso – there is no wrong way to eat a burrito. Read on as we provide all the answers to your burrito questions. Choose Tijuana Flats for your next chicken, beef, steak, veggie or Smokin’ chipotle burrito when celebrating National Burrito Day or any day.

smokin chipotle burrito

Why is it called a Burrito?

How the burrito, a Mexican dish consisting of a flour tortilla rolled or folded around a filling of meat, beans, and cheese, got its name is a bit of a mystery. The word burrito is the diminutive of the Spanish word “burro”, which means “little donkey.”  Legend has it that during the Mexican revolution a lone street food vendor named Juan Mendez transported his food on the back of his donkey across the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, into Texas. To keep the food warm, he wrapped it in large homemade flour tortillas and placed them underneath a small tablecloth. These large, tasty bundles became popularly known as “the food of the burrito or little donkey”

Some also believe that the name “burrito” came from the comparison to the tendency for burritos to contain a lot of different ingredients, similar to how a donkey is used to carry a large load. Our ‘Megajuana’ burrito is a great example of this, as we load them up with lots of ingredients and DOUBLE the meat and DOUBLE the cheese.

Are Burritos Mexican or American?

The word burrito first appeared in the Dictionary of Mexicanisms in 1895. In Mexico, burritos are most popular in the city of Juarez and Northern Mexican border towns. The confusion as to whether burritos are Mexican or American may come from the popularity of burritos and wraps in the United States and how they were adopted into the mainstream. Wraps gained popularity in the 1980s and 1990s as an alternative to traditional sandwiches and salads. Burritos first appeared in an American restaurant’s menu at the El Cholo Spanish café in Los Angeles during the 1930s. At Tijuana Flats it’s been our mission to redefine Tex-Mex by taking a stand against the bland and boring burritos. You won’t find a frozen burrito and certainly you won’t find a plain bean and cheese burrito on the menu. (Although we can make you one if that’s how you roll, see what we did there?) Our burritos are made fresh to order inviting burrito fans to explore the bold flavors of this popular fusion of Texas and Mexican heritage.

Traditional Mexican burritos are filled with a variety of meats and fillings, usually just one or two ingredients – some type of meat and beans with a sprinkling of cheese. They are small and you would need a few to make it a meal. On the other hand, as Mexican food historian Gustavo Arellano documented in “Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America”, Febronio Ontiveros of El Faro on Folsom invented the gigantic burrito around 1961 to feed the local firefighters. These American burritos made popular in the Mission District of San Francisco and like the ones we serve at Tijuana Flats, tend to be filled with a variety of ingredients for a giant meal that requires two hands to eat. This is the burrito that is known all across America!

What is usually in a Burrito?

The ingredient list is endless when it comes to what you can put in a burrito. The primary ingredient that makes a burrito, in fact a burrito, and not a taco, is a warm flour tortilla which is wrapped around meat, cheese, tomato, rice, beans, vegetables, and sauces. Tijuana Flats burritos feature popular Tex-Mex ingredients. Order a beef burrito with seasoned ground beef or steak. Chicken burrito with various options like shredded or blackened chicken, Smokin’ Chipotle Chicken or our popular Bangin’ Chicken – a crispy chicken tossed in our Smack My Ass Bangin’ Chicken Sauce! In addition to the protein, you’ll find cilantro lime rice and your choice of refried or black beans, shredded cheddar jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, sour cream, and jalapenos. Choose your own creation!

burrito with rice

Does a Burrito need rice?

Whether rice belongs in a burrito or not, is a hot topic of debate. Some believe that rice is unnecessary and only acts as a filler. Traditional Mexican burritos do not include rice and are simply combinations of meat, bean and cheese. However, rice has been a popular ingredient of Tex-Mex and Mission-style burritos for decades. Rice not only makes a burrito a hearty all-in-one meal it also has an important function – it helps absorb the meat juices to keep your flour tortilla from getting soggy. No one wants a soggy burrito! Plus, it also adds an additional layer of texture and flavor that our loyal Flatheads love. Regardless of whether you’re on team rice or team no rice, we are ready to make a tasty burrito for you. If you prefer no rice, simply ask.

What is the best Burrito at Tijuana Flats?

Flatheads have lots of choices when it comes to burritos so the best burrito at Tijuana Flats is really up to you to decide! Whether you like chicken, steak, beef, or prefer to go vegetarian, we got you covered.

Beef Burritos

The classic beef burrito includes our flavorful ground beef seasoned with our proprietary blend of spices, wrapped in a tortilla with cilantro lime rice, refried or black beans – served Tijuana Style with lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapenos and sour cream.

bangin chicken burrito

Chicken Burritos

If chicken is your game, order a classic chicken burrito filled with cilantro lime rice, refried or black beans and finished Tijuana Style.

For those who want to amp up the flavor, the Bangin’ Chicken Burrito made to order with crispy chicken tossed in our Smack My Ass Bangin’ Chicken Sauce is the answer. We really bring home the flavor by adding grilled onions and peppers, tomatoes, cheese and ranch dressing, served with a side of salsa.

Blackened Chicken Burritos

Did we mention you can get your chicken burrito with blackened chicken instead? We recommend it for anyone who likes to add that extra punch of bold flavors! We use our dry spice rub and then cook over very high heat for that blackened charred outer crust and moist, tender chicken inside.

Steak Burritos

Carnivores love the steak burrito at Tijuana Flats. Our tender steak is seasoned with lime juice and a blend of spices including cumin, black pepper and garlic.

Smokin’ Chipotle Burritos

Smokin’ Chipotle Burritos may be the most popular of all at Tijuana Flats. The Smokin’ Chipotle signature flavor was introduced on Tijuana Flats menu in early 2020 (originally called Chicken Tinga) adding loads of excitement as we continued to revamp the fresh flavor profiles we all love. It incorporates shredded chicken, sautéed onions and spicy chipotle sauce as an option for tacos, burritos, and chimichangas. The Smokin’ Chipotle burrito is filled with shredded chipotle chicken, black beans, cilantro lime rice, sour cream, cheddar jack, queso fresco, lettuce, pico and jalapeños. It’s a smokin’ explosion of flavor!

The Burrito vs. The Burrito Bowl

The first question is “Can you really call it a burrito bowl?” Some even call the burrito bowl a “Deconstructed Burrito.” While the term is quite popular in menus across the country because it is a dish composed of all the fillings of a burrito, the key ingredient that makes a burrito a burrito is missing from the bowl. In order to be called a burrito, it must be wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

But let’s not get too technical. Whatever you want to call it is fine by us. Our bowls showcase a hearty assembly of fresh ingredients with cilantro lime rice as the base, layered with refried or black beans, cheese, pico, jalapeños, sour cream, guac, with your choice of protein. The question is do you want to eat with your hands or use a fork?

megajuana burrito

What is a Megajuana Burrito?

From its inception, Tex-Mex cuisine has been synonymous with generous portions of flavorful food. This is a tradition Tijuana Flats is proud to continue. We don’t skimp on quality or quantity. For Flatheads with an even heartier appetite, you can make any burrito, bowl, salad, quesadilla or chimichanga a “Megajuana” with double the meat and cheese! Simply ask for a Megajuana burrito next time you visit or choose the “Megajuana burrito” option when you order online.

While it’s not quite the size of the largest burrito ever made, which weighed 12,785.576 lbs!, we think the Megajuana is the best way to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites!

When is National Burrito Day?

One of our favorite social media holidays of the year, National Burrito Day is celebrated in the United States on the first Thursday in April. However, at Tijuana Flats, we celebrate it every Thursday of the year with “Throwback Thursdaze.”

If you’re wondering how to celebrate National Burrito Day, simply gather your Tex-Mex loving friends, stop by your nearest Tijuana Flats, order your favorite burrito and share on social media using the hashtag #NationalBurritoDay.

Tijuana Flats’s popular “Throwback Thursdaze” weekly promotion includes a special deal on a Tijuana Burrito or Burrito Bowl, chips and a drink. Available at participating locations every Thursday. You can choose from chicken, beef or veggie burritos for $6.99 and steak burritos are $1 extra. Now that’s worth celebrating!

How do you wrap/fold a Burrito?

Wondering how to wrap or fold a burrito so it doesn’t fall apart the minute you pick it up? The trick to the best burrito wraps is to start with a large and warm flour tortilla, the bigger the better, then tuck and roll. A warm tortilla is more pliable and easier to fold. We think it’s also tastier.

Follow these easy steps when making a burrito at home and you’ll enjoy your burrito to the last bite!

1. Warm / steam flour tortilla for about 10 seconds per side on a hot skillet until the tortilla is soft and pliable. Be careful not to let it get crispy.

2. Add your filling in the center of the tortilla leaving the ends, top and bottom uncovered. It’s best if you arrange your fillings evenly along a line. Add sauces and toppings but be careful to avoid overfilling.

3. Fold the sides in over half of the tortilla to almost meet the opposite side.

4. With the sides folded in, bring up the bottom of the tortilla and pull tightly.

5. Continue rolling up the tortilla as tightly as you can, squeezing the roll back towards you as you go. Keep rolling, press and crease the end of the tortilla as you finish.

Or, you can skip all this rolling and wrapping hassle and simply find the best burrito near you at a convenient Tijuana Flats location.

What are Burrito Wraps made out of?

Burrito wraps or burrito tortillas are made of flour. This in fact is one of the key differences between burritos and tacos. They are also much bigger and stronger than corn tortillas, allowing them to be filled with all sorts of ingredients. Especially important when you double the meat and cheese like in the Megajuana Burrito. Flour tortillas are the most popular type of tortilla consumed across the United States.

How do you get a Burrito shell to be moist: What is a “wet” Burrito?

A “wet” burrito is a style of burrito that has been smothered in queso or spicy chipotle sauce. It is not the kind you eat by hand, but instead requires a knife and fork. Some say the style originated in Michigan, others say Texas. In fact, it is both. This type of burrito was popularized because of the mid 20th-century migration of Mexican workers from Texas up through the Midwest, including Detroit and Chicago.

At Tijuana Flats, we like to give you plenty of options to create your own burrito masterpiece. If you like it wet, smother your burrito or chimichanga – a fried burrito – with queso or spicy chipotle sauce.

What sides go best with Burritos?

A burrito is a filling meal all on its own, however, at Tijuana Flats we think every entrée deserves a great side dish. We serve our burritos with a generous serving of crispy tortilla chips sprinkled with our secret blend of spices, and recommend adding a side of our fresh red or spicy chipotle salsa, guac, or queso.

Many Flatheads agree that adding Queso or as we call it “liquid gold” and fresh made guacamole as a side dish are the way to go. The Tijuana Trio makes it easy combining all three favorites! Who doesn’t love chips, salsa, guac and queso?

Where to find the best burritos near me?

With 124 locations and counting, Tijuana Flats is ready to satisfy your cravings for the best burritos in town. Find locations throughout Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana with even more locations in more states opening in 2022. Meaning the next time you ask “where’s the best burrito near me” you’ll know there’s a Tijuana Flats nearby.

Choose Tijuana Flats for dine in, order take out, curbside pick-up or get our great burritos, tacos and other Tex-Mex favorites delivered straight to your door. We are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and hope to serve you soon.

Don’t forget to download our rewards app and you’ll receive a special welcome bonus of a FREE Tijuana Trio appetizer- crispy seasoned tortilla chips, fresh red or spicy chipotle salsa, queso and guac. Earn rewards points from every order and redeem for drinks, starters, and entrees right in the app. Come experience Tex-Mex for all at Tijuana Flats and order today.

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