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Start the Big Game with Big Flavor by Tijuana Flats Catering

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Watching a Justin Timberlake performance, seeing the Patriots win again, or eating the same wings year after year gets boring. To spice things up, allow Tijuana Flats catering to fulfill the excitement your guests are seeking. With our various options and party sizes, there is something for everyone.

Whether your guests are cheering for the opponents or just watching the commercials and drinking your beer, one thing you all can agree on is good food! Our Hot Fling option is perfect for small parties under 20 people, it features burrito bowls, tacos, and salads with toppings of your choice. For larger parties our Hot Affair option has you covered, it features larger portions of the Hot Fling and the option to have us set it up and serve your guests, so no one misses a single play.

Go long, and touchdown by winning the sweetest victory. Offering a free Churro Bash with any Tijuana Flats catering order of 20 people or more. This way everyone goes home feeling like a winner.

To have us Cater your next event, place by calling 1-844-4TFLATS or place your order here!

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